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Kohakuiro no Hunter The Animation

Rating: 3.5 points
2ep. 25min.
Kohakuiro no Hunter The AnimationKohakuiro no Hunter The AnimationKohakuiro no Hunter The AnimationKohakuiro no Hunter The AnimationKohakuiro no Hunter The AnimationKohakuiro no Hunter The Animation
The website invites you to watch the hentai "Kohakuiro no Hunter The Animation", which was produced by "Pinkpineapple, Seven" studio in 2020 Year.. This hentai belongs to the "Hentai" section of the website and describes many depraved and lustful genres, such as - "Big tits, Oral sex". This work was released in Japan under the title "琥珀色のハンター THE ANIMATION", and in the expanses of Russia and Europe it is known as "Kohakuiro no Hunter The Animation". The hentai lasts about "2ep. 25min." and won't give you time to get bored. This "Hentai" was directed by studio "Pinkpineapple, Seven" and directed by "Nishikawa Takashi". Watch Hentai online in excellent WEB-720PX quality online only on!

Below you'll find a description of this hentai:

Hentai "Kohaku iro no Hunter The Animation" is based on the visual novel of the same name from the Sky Rocket Studio. The release is planned by Pink pineapple Studio at the end of July 2020. The story takes place in the distant future on a secret planet somewhere in space, where an incredible source of energy called "Novaston ore"was found among a dense forest. Soon began to appear ore hunters who are ready to go even to the most dangerous places for the sake of profit...
Categories: Hentai
Comments (11).
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MaximumToilet 26 February 2021 22:24 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
Episode 2 doesn't have dick-girl in it, but it does have an older dude leaving his nuts hanging out of an amputee.
yerallfags 6 August 2020 00:30 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
i can't fucking stress this enough: he deepthroats her gross pencil-dick then he felches his own fucking cum from her cunt. are you fucking kidding me this was made for repressed faggots
animeetchi 5 August 2020 16:16 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
hermaphrodite elf chick. still has a manko, so it's all good. wink
damn 4 August 2020 07:02 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
Man, that monster scene at the start could have been glorious and hot but nope... bummer.
Judging by the HCG that scene won't happen later either, my balls.
Do 3 August 2020 16:19 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
Yo i dont know why all of you below me said this is garbage and dissapointed ?. But this is best for me, atleast not the futa one for me. Just imagine the first hentai that i know had a damn opening, A DAMN OPENING!?, and even a great action for me. Why i said great, cause all hentai that i watch before are always poor in story, some of them are even just a stupid hentai or an overused title and genre. So this is the one that i looking for since Shikoku no shaga. Definitly waited for next episode, 8/10
pineapple 3 August 2020 08:06 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
This must be a joke. Things were going so well until she spread her legs. Disappointed...
Galego na cozinha
Galego na cozinha 3 August 2020 00:24 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
That's probably the biggest disappointment of 2020, too much plot on my PORN + it's a fucking tranny, fuck this i'm going back to Anette-san's 1 episode made just of sex.
Chuck Netoreal
Chuck Netoreal 2 August 2020 10:28 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
Another case of Shikkoku no Shaga where there's more plot and exposition than there is sex. We got like 7 minutes of vanilla sex and surprise futanari from a 25 minute episode. I'm hurt and disappointed lol.
Zarzach 2 August 2020 01:26 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
Quote: MaximumToilet
Turns out this is male on dick-girl, don't watch unless you're into that kinda thing.

Yeah this is garbage i dont see the "tag" too after i see the D i close it immediately xD
fuckthis 2 August 2020 00:37 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
she has a dick outta nowhere, mc is a literal shouta faggot who felches his own cum outta that she-dick monstrosity fuck this garbage
MaximumToilet 1 August 2020 17:32 [reply]Ответить[/reply]
Turns out this is male on dick-girl, don't watch unless you're into that kinda thing.
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